sacrifice of love Page 55

“NO!” she shrieked. “I will only have the power you allow me to have. You have taken any power that I could have had and kept it as your own. You have always made sure that I was one step behind you and I’m tired of looking at your backside.”

Peri was beginning to realize that there would be no reasoning with her sister. She had deluded herself into thinking that Peri had stolen her power or kept her power from her. What Lorelle didn’t realize was that she was very powerful, but her power had yet to reach its full potential because of Lorelle’s spirit. She desired that power simply for the sake of having it, not for the good that she could use it for. She no longer remembered the things they learned when they joined the council. The rules and laws that came with great power can be given and can be taken away. But no amount of words would bring the truth to light for her sister. She had allowed too much wickedness into her.

“Where are the females, Lorelle?” She decided to go with a direct approach, though Peri had a feeling that it would take a little bit of taunting to get the truth from her proud sister.

“Females? Whatever are you talking about sister?”

Peri rolled her eyes and leaned casually against a tree, as if she had all the time in the world, which in fact she definitely did not.

“Okay I’ll jog your memory, six or so she-wolves, one of which is knocked up, a fae and a human all hanging out in the great state of Texas. Ring any bells yet?”

Lorelle simply stared at her.

“Okay, how about the mates of said females that would pretty much rip your head off of your body, fight over who got the bones, and then spit you out just for thinking about taking their mates? Remembering anything now?”

“Peri, do you really think I would waste my time with some worthless females that belong to the worthless wolves?” Lorelle picked at her nails as if they were more interesting than the conversation at hand.

“I think that you seem to like to waste your time with the likes of Reyaz and if I’m guessing correct, I’d bet you’ve become his lackey. I thought you wanted power? And yet you would choose to work for him as a beck and call girl, running his errands, collecting his prey instead of sitting on the high council of the fae? Have I summed it up pretty good for you? Maybe you should change your name to Renfield.” Peri saw Lorelle’s jaw tighten and her hands clenched into fists at her sides. She was fighting it as hard as she could, but she was losing. The need to put Peri in her place was so very strong and so very tempting.

“I’ve accepted that for now, Reyaz will be more powerful and therefore is calling the shots. But it will not always be so, and though I’m not known for my patience, for this I can wait. I’ll see you soon sister, though I don’t know if you will be seeing me.”

“Dammit all!” Peri yelled as her sister disappeared. She thought she had her, thought she had pushedher far enough that she would tell her where the women were, just to prove to Peri that she had been powerful enough to capture them all by herself. She had underestimated her sister's desire to see Peri in a grave, because no doubt Reyaz had promised just that, if Lorelle cooperated with him.

“I really want to say that things couldn’t get worse, but then I’m sure something worse would happen, like me growing a horn out of my butt or all of the males running off getting themselves turned to stone or something. Then I’d have to run off to save them looking like a freaking fairy hornet,” Peri laughed under her breath at her description and knew that Jen would appreciate it. Now if only she could get them back so she could tell Jen about her ludicrous thoughts.

“Now all I have to do is face a room full of raging wolves, piece of freaking cake,” she muttered as she flashed to the Romanian mansion.

Chapter 16

“At some point in the mess of the supernatural world you really think that you have learned all that there is to know. I’m here to tell you, that’s the dumbest thing you could ever possibly think when it pertains to this world. You should be prepared for anything, poised to take in even the most outlandish information, and smile even if you’re thinking this is some crazy, messed up shizzel. So that said, get ready people because the boat is about to be rocked and if you don’t hold on, your butt is going over and I’m not coming in after you.” ~Jen

“Bloody hell, thank you for turning the lights on,” Jacque said when suddenly she could see everyone and everything around her. Though seeing it didn’t really give her much relief.

“Um, does anyone else feel like we’ve just been dropped into the fire swamp from The Princess Bride?” Sally asked as she looked around at the dark, mangled forest around them. The air smelt of sulfurous fumes that burned her lungs and she fought the urge to gag.

“Probably should be on the lookout for ROUS’s,” Jen added.

“I’m just going to pretend I know what you’re talking about,” Crina said as she stood up and brushed off her backside. “But if whatever you’re talking about is creepy, then I agree.”

“So seriously, where did that crazy fae leave us?” Jacque asked.

Alina walked around the clearing where they found themselves. As soon as she reached out her hand to touch one of the gnarled trees, she felt a jolt of electricity run through her body knocking her back several feet.

“Guess that answers the question of whether or not we can wander in this desolate place,” Jen muttered.

Alina looked over to Elle as she attempted to shake off the effects of the jolt. She saw exactly what she expected: utter shock and fear in the fae’s eyes. “Elle,” Alina spoke her name softly, “please share with us what you know.”