sacrifice of love Page 49

“Welcome to the party, Prince,” she told Thalion as he immediately began fighting.

“I see no one has died,” he told her.

“No,” she agreed, but under her breath she murmured, “not yet.”

Chapter 14

“When I close my eyes I see your face, only your face. Fire rains around us, lightning strikes, and the blood of those we love threatens to be spilled at every turn and yet all I can see is you. You are the touch I crave, the scent I want to drown in, and the air that gives me life. There is nothing that can captivate me as you do. No matter the beauty, the violence, or the intrigue, you are the only thing that holds my every thought, my utter devotion, and because of that, you will also hold my life in the palm of your hands.” ~Decebel

Sally felt his anger, but before she could feel anything else, Costin closed the bond between them. She stumbled and reached out for the wall at the sudden absence of his presence. She looked up around the bookstore to see if any of the other women had felt anything similar. She noticed Crina leaning against the counter with her head down. Jacque had stopped in mid-step and was squeezing her eyes closed. So she wasn’t the only one.

“Sally,” Jen’s voice came from behind her, “you okay?”

Sally shook her head. “Costin closed the bond.”  She motioned to the other females.

Jen let out a low growl. “I would know things were going on if my freaking mate would keep our bond open even a little. Do you feel like they are in danger? Did you get any glimpse before he closed it?”

Sally shook her head. “No, it was quick and that’s why it hurt so much.”

“Let’s get everyone home. From the looks of it, none of you are going to be in any shape to be doing inventory or helping annoying customers. Lilly?” Jen yelled.

Lilly’s head popped out from around the corner of a book shelf. “Yes,” she looked at Jen with brows raised expectantly.

Jen pointed at Sally and then at Jacque. “Something’s going down with the males. We need to get the chicks back to your house.”

Lilly’s eyes filled with concern as she took in the group of women and noticed that all but Cynthia looked to be in pain. She nodded to Jen, “Okay, I can get the manager to take over.”

Twenty minutes later everyone was once again gathered in Lilly’s living room. Alina was pacing like a caged tiger. Though she continued to reach out to Vasile, she was unable to get through.

“He has never kept me out this long,” she growled as she ran her fingers through her hair for what seemed like the hundredth time.

“I just don’t understand how none of us can get through to them. That just doesn’t seem likely,” Sally pointed out.

“She’s right,” Jen agreed. “There is no way all of our men would just leave us hanging in the dark. One of them should have checked in by now, andnot to mention our pesky little neighborhood fairy. Where is she?”

“Peri has been going back and checking in with Vasile,” Alina explained. “Not just for the males’ peace of mind, but ours as well.”

“Okay, so she’s gone to check on the men who have suddenly dropped off the planet and Peri hasn’t returned. I’m going for Houston we have a problem for $200 Alex,” Jen said dryly.

“Elle,” Alina said suddenly. She turned and looked at the fae, her eyes wide with hope. “Can you go check on them?”

“Crap, that’s right.” Jacque smacked her forehead. “Elle, you can flash too.”

Elle nodded but her face was set in a grim frown.

Jen rolled her eyes with a groan. “Okay just from the look on your face I’m betting that Perizada has done something to make sure your happy little fairy butt didn’t go hopping off after her. Am I right?”

Elle nodded again. “Peri is much more powerful than I am. She informed me I was not to leave you all, and like pack magic, there is a magic that can bind my magic to her words. I’m as stuck as you all are.”

Alina sat down in a huff with a string of Romanian flying from her lips. Each of them looked at each other helplessly, hoping that an idea or solution would simply pop into one of their minds. An hour later they still sat staring aimlessly off into the room. The tension was growing by the minute and by the time there was a knock at the door, they all nearly came out of their seats as the sound reverberated through the stillness.

Lilly started towards the door but Alina intercepted her and gave a small shake of her head, making it clear that she wanted to open the door. Alina stepped up to the door and tilted her head up to take in a deep breath of air. She frowned and sniffed again. There was nothing. No smell of any kind. She listened and heard a heartbeat but other than that, there was only the noise of the breeze through the trees. Just as she reached for the door it flew open and Alina stumbled back. A pair of arms held her steady as she righted herself. Elle let her go and then stepped up beside the Alpha and her eyes widened.

“What are you doing here?” Elle asked.

“Is that the kind of reception you give to your own kind?” Lorelle asked as she stepped into the house. She sidestepped Alina and Elle and her eyes widened at the room full of females. A wicked smile spread across her lips and her eyes flashed with humor. “This is simply too good to be true.” Lorelle turned and looked at Alina. “Why on earth would you bring all of these females to one location without the protection of any males?”

“Uh, excuse me but we don’t need protection.” Jen stood up and walked towards the fae. Her eyes were narrowed in suspicion. “Who the hell are you and why did you just walk your fairy butt up in my friend’s house?”