sacrifice of love Page 42

Lilly unlocked the door and pushed it open. Sally’s mom walked in and squealed when she saw Sally. Jen’s mom was next and then her dad. Her mom’s eyes lit up as they landed on her and then dropped to her stomach.

“Surprise,” Jen said lamely and let out a deep breath when Alina walked up next to her and put an arm around her and then smiled at her parents. Alina’s charms were legendary, but they were about to be put to the test.

“Jennifer.” her mom smiled and moved towards her wrapping her in her arms, effectively pulling her from Alina’s.

“Hi mom,” Jen said and it came out muffled as her mom tucked her head into her shoulder.

“Oh, I’ve missed you!”

“You too,” Jen said as she pulled back and attempted to untangle herself from her mom. Her dad came up next and gave her one of those one arm hugs that were equally awkward and annoying.

“Hey Dad,” she said as she quickly hugged him back and then pulled away.

The room was completely silent after the brief reunions and all eyes were on Jen and her parents.

“Jen’s pregnant,” Sally suddenly blurted out. Heads swung around and eyes landed on her and she slapped her hand over her mouth as if it had acted without her consent.

“Thank you for that,” Jen muttered as she glared at Sally and then looked back at her parents. It was obvious by the looks on their faces that they had really just been hoping that Jen had suddenly developed a love for Pork Rinds and had been eating enough of them to support North American sales all by herself.

“Surprise again!” Jen said in a sing song voice and a shoulder shrug.

Jen’s mother’s mouth dropped open and then closed, only to do it again, making Jen think of a fish that had been taken from water and was desperately gasping.

“How,” she finally sputtered.

“Well, mom,” Jen’s voice took on the patronizing tone that seemed to always tick her parents off, “when two people love each other, they want to show it. And sometimes they show that love by taking their clothes off and going at it like rabbits.”

Jen looked past her now shocked mother to the forms of Jacque and Sally, who were making cutting motions across their necks and mouthing for her to shut up. She simply shook her head. She was eighteen. Her parents could look at her like she had lost her mind, but they couldn’t punish her, not any more.

“You’re really pregnant?” her dad finally asked.

“Yes dad, I’m really pregnant. I’m pretty sure there is no such thing as sort-of pregnant, but I could be wrong. It’s been known to happen once or twice a year―me being wrong, not being sort-of pregnant.”

“Is it this Decebel guy?” her mom asked.

“Yes it is Decebel’s baby.” Jen couldn’t help the hugesmile that spread across her face at the mention of her mate. Regardless of all their crap, she was caring his child, made out of love and that was definitely something to smile about. And she had just shocked the hell out of her parents and that was just a bonus, like when you find a couple fries thrown in with your order of tots from Sonic. Bonus fries were the best.

“Where is he?” her dad asked with a frown.

“He didn’t come,” Jen told him.

“He let you travel by yourself in that state?” her dad growled and pointed at her stomach.

Alina stepped forward, and though she had a smile on her face, her eyes told a different story. “Jen is perfectly safe with me, with us,” she amended as she motioned to all the women in the room. “Decebel and the other males had business that required them to stay in Romania, and the girls wanted to take a little break. We have a doctor with us,” she motioned to Cynthia who waved and smiled. “Dr. Steele keeps a close eye on her.”

Jen’s parents continued to stare at her. Their eyes darted every now and then to Lilly, giving her looks that clearly said they blamed her for their knocked-up daughter. The tension in the room was palpable.

“I think Peri’s suggestion earlier of crap throwing and squealing is sounding really appealing right now,” remarked Jen. “So who’s going first, Mom? No, okay Jacque, come on we all know your bowels are irregular. You should have something ready to go.”

A snort erupted from Sally and she turned away as Elle patted her on the back while she and the others snickered at Jen.

Peri coughed as she tried to cover her laugh. “Jen it wasn’t a suggestion, you twit, I was being sarcastic.”

Jen smiled at Peri as a single brow rose. “Oh come now, fairy Peri, you know you love a good crap throw as much as the next person.”

“So,” Lilly suddenly jumped in, “who wants hot chocolate?”

At least three hands shot into the air.

“Bloody hell, that was torture,” Jen whined as she climbed into Jacque’s bed.

“I have to agree,” Sally said as she took the sleeping bag on the floor.

“But hilarious as hell,” Jacque laughed.

“Please, pray tell wolf princess, which part was hilarious?” Jen growled. “Was it the part where my dad asked if Decebel had any other children or a wife or was it when my mom asked if we had been using protection?”

“No, it was when you told your mom that yes you had been using protection and not to invest stock in the flavored condoms because they just weren’t as strong as the box claimed.”

All three of the girls shook with laughter. “And then hot chocolate came out of your dad’s nose!” Sally added breathlessly.