sacrifice of love Page 36

“I know baby, I know.”

“Night B,” she finally said after several seconds of silence.

“Night baby.”

“You’re going to find Reyaz tomorrow?” Alina asked her mate.

Vasile let out a slow deep breath and she felt his exhaustion through their bond.

“I want to see him face to face one more time.”

“You do remember he killed you right?” She was trying to remain patient with her mate, but she was beginning to feel a little desperate at the idea of him essentially going to see his murderer.

“He has no grudge against me, Mina. I was simply meant to be an example,” he reassured her.

“Exactly, you were meant to be, but you didn’t die. He might take that as a challenge.”

“Luna,” he whispered to her, “you know that I cannot sit around and wait for him to decide to do something. I do not want us or any of our allies having to live looking over their shoulders, wondering when he is going to finally rear his ugly head.”

Alina knew this. She knew that they had to do something, but she also knew that Reyaz had already made a move of sorts when he had shown himself outside of Lilly’s house. She had kept that little tidbit from Vasile, and would continue to do so until she felt it absolutely necessary that she tell him.

“Just be careful please,” she finally said. “I love you Vasile.”

“And I’m a better man because of it.” He pushed his love through their bond, wrapping her in his scent and warmth. “I love you Mina, be safe.”

Lilly jumped when her phone began to vibrate on her night stand. She knew who it would be and she had to rub her palms, which has suddenly developed over active sweat glands, on her thighs before she picked up the phone.

“Hello,” she said calmly, though she felt anything but.

“Little one,” Cypher’s deep voice reached through the phone and she swore she could feel his caress on her face. She hadn’t heard from him in over a week and it had taken everything inside her not to pick up the phone and call him. She had spoken with Alina about it and more than once berated herself for acting like a teenager running to her friend to ask advice about a guy she liked, well, more than liked actually. She had told Alina that she didn’t want to come across as the needy girlfriend. Alina had pointed out that she was a mate, not a girlfriend, and that carried a lot more weight and rights. She still didn’t call him.

“Cypher,” she responded.

“How are you doing?”

She sat down on the bed and folded her legs up as she thought about his question. How was she? Tired and somewhat lonely because she missed him, but overall she was alright.

“I’m good,” she answered honestly.

“Oh?” She heard disappointment in his voice and it nearly made her laugh. He thoughtshe didn’t miss him. Stupid man.

“I’m good under the circumstances, Cypher. I would rather be with you. Does that make you feel better?”

“Much,” he told her, his voice dropping to a deep grow. “I miss you like crazy,” he admitted. “I want you here with me. I need you to believe that. I only wanted you to go back because I thought you would be safer there.”

“I know,” she told him. “I get it, but I wish you would have discussed it with me, instead of just telling me what to do. I’m an adult, Cypher. I can decide for myself what danger I want to put myself in.”

He laughed. “Female, you are my mate. When it comes to any danger and you, I will always be the one making the decisions.”

Lilly rolled her eyes. “You’re a Neanderthal.”

“Maybe,” he agreed, “but I love you and don’t want anything to happen to you.”

Lilly felt her stomach jump into her throat at his declaration. He had no idea what those words meant to her, and she didn’t feel like over the phone was the way to explain it.

“I love you too, Cypher,” she told him softly.

“Good, stay safe, and,” he paused, “stay away from any males.”

She laughed. “No one is going to hurt me here, Cypher.”

He growled. “I’m not worried about them hurting you. I’m worried about you moving on.”

“Are you going to come for me, when you feel it’s safe?” she asked.

“Yes,” there was no hesitation in his answer, “and if another man is in the picture, Lilly, I’m not the type to just walk away. You should know that now. You are mine. I will not give you up.”

Lilly let out a loud sigh. “My daughter is so right about you Alpha males—bossy, and possessive. Thankfully you don’t have fur, so I think I have one less worry than she does.”

Cypher chuckled. “I have to admit that I’m happy that I don’t have fur. But she is right; we are very, very possessive. I’ll let you get some rest. I needed to hear your voice. I love you,” he told her again.

“I love you too, night.” Lilly hung up and felt her heart lighten just a tad. She refused to give into the urge to jump up and down and squeal. She decided that would be a little too ridiculous. She missed him, but she felt better about where they were in their relationship. He wanted her, and for now that was enough.

Chapter 11

“The wind is shifting brother. Do you feel it? You, who thought you were protecting the one you hold most dear, have opened a door I didn’t dream you would put before me. I must give you all the praise for setting this up so nicely for me. So please remember to take a bow when you see the play I have in store for you.” ~Reyaz