sacrifice of love Page 33

“If you didn’t think he was going to leave her alone, then why didn’t you speak up before we all left?” Jacque asked her.

Jen let out an exasperated sigh. “Because they have penises. Haven’t you been listening?”

“Thank you Jen.” Peri nodded her approval. “I didn’t say anything because I was hoping they were right.”

“And in the nearly twenty-four hours that have passed since we left, what has changed that made you see that they were wrong?” Sally asked.

“I saw Reyaz,” she said too nonchalantly.

“What do you mean you saw Reyaz? Where?” Jacque asked as she slowly stood from the couch.

Peri shrugged. “In your front yard.”

“Well crap,” Sally retorted.

“You’re sure it was Reyaz?” Alina asked Peri.

Jacque called a house meeting after Peri had made her little announcement. Now, after midnight, nine tired and worried females sat in Lilly’s living room waiting to hear about the crazy warlock who might have been in the front yard.

“It was Reyaz, but it wasn’t Reyaz,” said the fae.

“Explain.” Alina crossed her legs and leaned forward on the edge of the couch where she was perched.

“It was a projection of himself,” Peri told them. “That part I understand. Its dark magic. What I don’t understand is how he accomplished it.”

“What do you mean?” Elle asked.

“In order for something like that to work so specifically he would have to have something personal of Lilly’s or Jacque’s. He knew exactly whose house he was in front of, so it wasn’t a blind projection of himself, or a vague projection. It was very specific.”

“Okay, so this is new to us,” Sally spoke up. “Is this something he can do simply because he uses dark magic?”

Peri nodded. “Yes, like many who crave power but don’t have it, they seek it out and care not how they obtain it or who it hurts or kills in the process. Black magic is fueled by blood and death. So whatever he had to conjure to make that little trick work, something had to die.”

“Life just gets cheerier and cheerier,” Jen muttered as she rubbed her swollen stomach.

“Did he say anything?” Cynthia asked.

Peri snorted. “He said he’d see us soon.”

“Oh snap,” Jacque muttered.

“I think we’re beyond being snapped, Jac. We have moved on to being well and truly screwed,” Jen said as she stood and yawned. “I know that we basically just found out that a crazy warlock dude is planning a visit, but I’m tired so wake me when he gets here.” She waved at the group as she turned and headed back up the stairs to Jacque’s room.

“Don’ttell Vasile for now,” Alina told Peri.

Peri smiled. “Keeping secrets from the wolves. I like your style Alpha.”

Alina chuckled. “Yes well, I don’t feel there is a need to alarm him until absolutely necessary.”

Everyone nodded their agreements and then began making their way back to their designated sleeping quarters. Peri spoke up before everyone could leave.

“Elle and Cynthia, could you two please wait a second. I would like to speak with you.”

Elle shot Cynthia a worried look but sat back down. Cynthia took a seat next to her and they waited as everyone else cleared out of the room.

“Oh good grief, Elle, quit stressing out. I’m not going to dissect your mind or anything,” Peri huffed as she watched her nervous comrade.

“Wait, could she do that?” Cynthia asked nervously.

Peri quirked a brow at her mischievously.

“Honestly doc, I wouldn’t underestimate anything about Perizada. Not anymore.”

“Dually noted,” Cynthia mumbled.

“So ladies,” Peri said dramatically, “my, my haven’t we been busy.” Both Cynthia and Elle squirmed under her gaze. “I take it the block on Decebel’s mind is your handy work?” she directed the question to Elle.

Elle nodded. “He asked me to.”

“Why?” Peri asked.

“He made us promise not to talk about it with anyone,” Cynthia spoke up quickly hoping to keep Elle from falling under the pressure of someone she obviously considered her boss.

“Doctor Steele, I have the highest respect for you, but I’m going to have to ask you to shut it.” Peri looked back at Elle. “Why?” she asked again.

“He wanted to keep Jen from being able to see into his mind while he is sleeping.” Elle slumped forward once the words were out, as if a weight had been lifted from her shoulders.

“How are you involved?” she looked back to Cynthia.

“He came to me first to see if I could help him. When I told him I couldn’t, I thought of Elle. He seemed very distraught and it’s very weird to see Decebel that way.”

“I imagine it is. Probably just as weird as seeing him fidgeting like a four year old.” Peri sat across from the two women and stared at them, but she wasn’t seeing them. She was lost in thought, remembering just how out of character the Alpha had been acting when she had popped in on their meeting. “He’s hiding something very important,” she finally said, “and if I know anything about our wolves, it’s that they will do anything to protect their mates.”

“You think he’s doing something to protect Jen and the baby?” Cynthia asked.