sacrifice of love Page 32

“Is Fane with you?” Dillon asked.

“No, none of the males came with us,” Jacque pulled the phone away from her ear as her father’s raised voice came blaring through. “Dad, Dad,” she said loudly, “you can’t come here and you can’t just try to jump in anytime Vasile or Fane do something you don’t agree with. Dad, no.”

Just as she was about to put the phone back to her ear it was snatched from her hand. “Hey,” she hollered but then stopped herself when she saw who had her phone.

“Why didn’t they send any of the males you ask, Dillon, Alpha of the Denver pack? Why don’t you call those idiots and find out? Have a nice night.” Peri hit the end key and tossed the phone back to Jacque.

“Uh, Peri, I was sort of talking to my dad,” Jacque said.

Peri snorted. “You were sort of talking, but I can guarantee he was sort of not listening.”

“Why do you say that?” Sally asked as she came into the living room and joined Jacque on the couch.

“Because he has a penis,” Peri said matter-of-fact like.

Jen’s foot hit the bottom step just about the time Peri finished talking and she had a wicked grin on her face. “Peri busted out the P word! Ok.” She hurried her pregnant self around to the love seat and sat down. “Now, what’s with all the penis talk? Are we comparing notes, learning new techniques?”

“As truly interesting as any of those conversations would be, that is not why I busted out, as you put it, with the P word.” Peri fold her arms across her chest and glared down at the three girls.

“Okay,” Jacque prompted, “so can you tell us why you felt the need to use a man’s body part as way to make a point?”

“Which by the way, you picked the perfect part if you indeed were trying to make a point,” Jen added.

Peri’s lips twitched and Jen reached over and held her fist out to her two best friends. “I made the fae twitch with her own penis point.”

Jacque and Sally’s heads whipped around at Jen’s words and they busted out laughing. Jen shrugged. “I know, I know, I’m freaking hilarious.” She looked up at Peri and grinned when she saw the fae smothering her own laugh with her hand.

“Okay, pull it together you perverts,” Peri finally told them as she collected herself. “I went and saw your males during their meeting with Cypher,”

“What happened?”

“Are they alright?”

Sally and Jacque asked at the same time.

“Pipe down you two. Your men are fine. Although, after I told them they were all idiots, they might have been less than happy with me.”

“You told Decebel he was an idiot?” Jen asked in awe.

“Sort of, I actually told him he was the queen of the idiots.”

“Nice,” Jengrinned.

“Um Peri, I’m totally in agreement with penises and idiots, but if Costin is alright then why has he not used our bond to contact me and why is he not responding to me when I try to contact him?” Sally asked.

“Yeah,” Jacque agreed, “what she said, only with Fane’s name in his place.”

Peri gave both girls a dry look. “You both know that I love you right? But do I look like a couples’ counselor to you? I don’t know why they won’t get their heads out of their asses and talk to you. What I do know is they’re idiots.”

“And they have penises,” Jen added.

“Thanks for the clarification, Jennifer,” Peri rolled her eyes.

“Just want to make sure we stay on the same penis, I mean page.”

Jacque and Sally were laughing again as Peri glared at Jen who shrugged. “I told you. I’m freaking hilarious.”

“Actually,” Jacque said as she wiped the tears from her eyes, “I think we are just so tired that you could add the word penis to anything and we would laugh.”

“But don’t,” Peri said quickly, “we don’t need a verbal vomit of your favorite P word.”

Jacque and Sally groaned as Jen’s smile widened.

“Oh fairy Peri, who told you penis was my favorite P word? They were mistaken. My favorite P word is by far p—,”

“Fire!” Sally yelled interrupting Jen.

Jacque jerked around and looked her. “What?”

Sally shrugged. “I was just trying to keep Jen from saying her favorite P word. You know how I hate that word.”

Jen laughed. “It’s just a word Sal.”

“Not the way you use it,” Sally said with a pointed look.

“You are correct Sally dear. It ceases to be just a word when I use it.” Jen laughed at her blushing friend. “Married, mated, no longer a virgin... and she still blushes.”

“Okay, I realize that the change in time, location, altitude, longitude or whatever has messed with your little brains, but could we please focus?” Peri nearly snarled.

The three girls stared up at Peri in shock. Peri looked down at herself and noticed she was floating off of the ground. She took a deep breath and released it and then her feet were planted firmly on the ground again.

“Now, as I was saying,” she started, “I saw the males. They were making no progress in putting together a plan and when I pushed them on it, Vasile had the brilliant idea that he is going to go see Reyaz face to face.”

“What?” The three gasped at the same time.

Peri nodded. “I know right.” She shook her head and began to pace. “I don’t know why they think Reyaz is going to play nice, or why they thing he is going to leave Lilly alone.”