sacrifice of love Page 23

“I love you too, Decebel,” she said just as stiffly as he had. “Let me know when you decide to act like the mate who claimed me without reservation. Because this,” she motioned to him from head to toe, “is not working for me. I seriously liked you better when you refused to let me out of your sight. What happened to that, B? After I died, you told me you wouldn’t let me be away from you. So what happened?”

“Things change, Jennifer. Circumstances change. I love you. We’ve already been over this. I will come for you soon.” Decebel took a step back away from his mate and the look of rejection on her face ripped at his already shredded heart.

Jen made a motion to step towards her mate, but arms came around her to stop her. “Let it go for now Jen,” Cynthia’s soft voice penetrated the haze of anger and pain that had rushed over Jen when Decebel backed away from her. She nodded, met Decebel’s eyes, and then turned to walk away from him.

Decebel watched as his mate walked to the pack jet, her shoulders pulled back proudly, and her head held high. She wouldn’t cower, not his woman. No matter how her heart ached, she wouldn’t allow the outside world to know it. His hands clenched into fists at his side and the swirl of fear and regret churned in his gut. He should just let her go. There was no need to draw this out, but the further she got from him, the more desperate his wolf fought to be free, to run to their mate. To hell with it, he thought as he walked quickly to her.

“Jennifer,” his voice was rough with emotion and he knew that his eyes were glowing. She whipped around, surprised by him. He took advantage of catching her unaware and grabbed her face, pulling her to him. Her mouth parted instinctively as his tongue pushed in. Her flavor flooded his taste buds and he savored it swallowing her down and reveling in the response she gave him. Her arms wrapped around his neck and she pulled him closer. He held her for a few seconds longer before finally pulling away and stepping back.

“I love you and I am still the man who claimed you. Never doubt that again.” Before she could respond he turned and walked away.

Jen looked over at Cynthia who looked as shocked as she felt.

“If anything, he’s still as bossy as ever,” Cynthia told her.

Jen grinned and they started towards the plane again, “And too sexy for his own good. If he were ugly I totally wouldn’t put up with it.”

“Shallow much?” Cynthia snorted.

“Oh no doc, not shallow, just painfully honest.”

They were all quiet as they found seats on the jet, each lost in their own thoughts. It wasn’t until Jacque jumped out of her seat and smashed her face against the window looking out with a terrified expression that they all were pulled from their stupors.

“FANE!” she yelled as she slapped her hand against the plastic window.

“What’s going on?” Jen asked as she made her way to a window to see what Jacque was so freaked about.

Sally’s breath caught in her throat as she looked out her own window. She felt as though her heart was going to beat straight out of her chest.

“They’re going to kill each other,” Cynthia murmured as they all stared in sick fascination at the fight going on between the two males, now in wolf form.

Firm arms wrapped around Jacque as she started toward the door.

“GO!” Alina’s voice rang loudly against Jacque’s ear and she cringed under the volume and command behind it. Jacque knew Alina was addressing the pilot, and as the plane began to move, she knew that Alina wasn’t going to let her go.

“I have to go to him, Alina,” Jacque told her Alpha as she struggled with her.

“No. You need to let Vasile handle it. They will not kill each other. They just need to get it out in the open and deal with it. They can’t do that with you and Sally there because they don’t feel they could protect you and face one another at the same time. This is a good thing, Jacquelyn.”

The plane continued to move, gradually gaining speed just as Jen shouted, “Oh! Wow that was a good shot, Fane.”

“Jen!” Sally growled.

Jen held her hands up. “Hey don’t get all pissy with me. As soon as Costin gets a good lick in, I’ll cheer for him; no need to worry that I’ll play favorites.”

Jacque finally let her shoulders relax and gave up her fight to get out of Alina’s arms. After several seconds, Alina let her go. She headed back to the window, knowing that what she was going to see would be painful. Though she wasn’t receiving the blows, there was nothing she could do to help her mate. And that was just as painful as any physical agony.

As the plane gained speed, the girls had to crane their necks to watch the wolves. Jacque reached out for Fane’s mind, but he had blocked her completely.

“He won’t let you in either?” Sally asked noticing the grimace on Jacque’s face.

Jacque shook her head. “They will be alright Sal,” she told her, unsure if she was trying to convince herself or the healer.

Sally nodded, but looked no more convinced than Jacque felt. So apparently her attempt had failed on both accounts.

They felt the plane lurch as the wheels left the ground and the jet rose into the air, taking them further from the fight and further from the males who so desperately wanted them to stay.

“I will say one thing about those males, there is never a dull moment.” Peri suddenly appeared causing everyone to jump.

“Blood hell,” Jen barked.

“Couldn’t you send out some sort of signal that you’re about to appear out of thin air?” Lilly asked.