sacrifice of love Page 16

“What’s going on?”  Decebel asked as he turned to face the group of women.

Peri let out an exasperated huff. “Can we please just get anyone necessary for this little meeting of the not-so-stable minds in here so we don’t have to repeat it fifteen bloody times?”

“Vasile wants us to meet in the great hall,” Costin said from the doorway. All the eyes in the room swept over to look at him.

“Finally, someone who doesn’t nearly rip my door off to get in,” Jen grumbled. Decebel slipped his hand into hers and gave it a small squeeze, which just sent those damn butterflies soaring up her throat and nearly out of her eyes in the form of tears.

Everyone in the room was still looking at Costin like he was a funny growth on the wall.

He huffed when nobody moved. “My mate informed me of what was going on so I took it upon myself to share it with Vasile. That’s how I have a freaking clue. Can we all please go to the great hall now?”

Everyone nodded in unison with small ‘oh’ and ‘right’ coming from them. By the time everyone had filed out of the room, Fane was there waiting to take Jacque’s hand. They stayed at the back of the group with Lilly walking next to them.

No one spoke, as if there was an unwritten law that kept them from discussing the matter until they were all gathered, just a Peri had suggested.

Vasile, Alina, Wadim, Cyn, Sorin, Elle, Adam and Crina all sat waiting for them in the large room.

“The gang’s all here Vasile,” Peri announced, “gathered again. It’s sort of like one of those where are they now specials on Oprah.”

Jen let out a snort as she took a seat with Decebel by her side. “Do you do anything besides watch daytime television and perform dramatic special effects?”

Peri raised a brow at Jen. “I keep your not so tiny anymore ass out of trouble.”

“Hey,” Jen nearly shouted, “not cool Peri, no talking about the pregnant chick’s backside. Once it’s back in its former glory, you can make jokes about it all you want. Until then, you will learn to like big butts.”

“And I cannot lie,” Sally whispered bringing a snort of laughter from everyone except Vasile and Alina who looked bewildered.

As usual, Vasile cleared his throat to bring everyone’s attention back to the matter at hand.

“From what I understand, we did not come down here to discuss Decebel’s mate’s posterior. So would someone please enlighten me as to what is going on and why we have the pleasure of Lilly’s company?”

Lilly stepped forward before anyone could speak and nodded to Alina and Vasile in greeting. Her smile was tight and it was obvious she was upset.

“I’m sorry to have barged in on you,” she started but was interrupted by Jacque.

“First off, you are welcome here anytime. Second, it was the fairy who barged in.”

Peri rolled her eyes but didn’t comment.

“Cypher hasdecided it is not safe for me to stay,” Lilly continued as if her daughter had not spoken, “because of his brother. So he has asked me to return to my home in Texas.”

Vasile did not speak right away. His eyes were narrowed, but not in anger. He seemed to be carefully considering what he would say.

“Did Cypher consult you on the matter before he asked you to leave?” he finally asked.


“Surprise, surprise,” Jen muttered.

“Peri, what part do you play in all of this?” he asked as he turned to look at the fae.

“I went to talk with Cypher like I told you I would. It turned out to be a very informative conversation. First, we discussed the disgusting evil that is permeating his forest, and then we discussed the eviction of his supposed mate. Then I told him you requested his presence. Just as I was getting ready to leave, he asked me if I would accompany Lilly to the airport. Being the kind hearted person that I am, I agreed.”

There was a collective snort from the females in the room.

“If by kind hearted you mean meddlesome, then yes, you are indeed kindhearted.” The words came from Elle who sat across the room and surprised glances shot her way. She simply stared back, waiting for Peri to continue.

“Why did you bring Lilly here and not the airport?” Alina asked.

“I thought she had a right to tell her daughter what was going on and say her goodbyes.”

“So you do plan to go back to the U.S.?” Vasile asked.

Lilly glanced over at Jacque who stood rigidly with tight fists at her sides and narrowed eyes. Fane stood behind her with a hand resting on her hip. After several heartbeats, Lilly looked back to Vasile.


“I’m going with her,” Jacque said as soon as the word was out of her mother’s mouth. She stepped away from Fane. He let out an audible growl and reached for his mate, but Jacque swatted his hand away. She walked over to stand next to her mom and took her hand.

“I know that Cypher thinks that he is making her safe by sending her home, but if his brother is as whacked as he says he is and he wants my mom, then an ocean is not going to keep him from her.”

Vasile looked from Jacque to his son and felt the weight of his position settle over him. Fane was in no state to travel, to be out of his territory, and out of Vasile’s control. And Vasile could not order Jacque to stay here. If he did, she would probably end up resenting Fane because of it. Next to him, Alina patted his leg and then stood up.

“I will go with Lilly and Jacque,” she announced. Vasile did not look up. He was not surprised that his mate would offer such a thing, and he would be a very dumb man to think he could stop her. He knew what she was doing, trying to appease their son and help keep Lilly and their daughter in-law safe at the same time. Fane just might be okay with Jacque going if his mother was with her―maybe.