sacrifice of love Page 10

Jacque had gone to talk to Cynthia about the situation because she wanted to know if werewolves ever needed antidepressants. Jacque thought it nearly laughable, except for the fact that her mate needed something and she was desperate to help him. Cynthia had explained that the males feel emotions extremely intensely about their mates, and she didn’t know if we could even begin to understand the depth of those emotions. Because of that, everything was magnified—their joy, love, anger, pain, fear. All of it was multiplied by a number greater than could be counted. Jacque asked if there was anything Cynthia could do, and Cynthia had surprised her with her answer.

“He needs to get the rage out,” she had said. "If your presence, your touch, is not helping, then he needs to somehow exonerate it. For a male wolf, that would be fighting or something less violent, if you get my drift.”

Jacque had blushed furiously even though she commented, “Yes, well that’s not doing a damn bit of good for either of us, so let’s talk about fighting.”

“You said he is angry with Costin because he is the male who was in your mind from the curse, right?”

“Yes,” she had answered.

“Then he needs to fight Costin.”

“Excuse me?” Jacque had been completely dumbfounded, more so, because it was Jen’s suggestion and now the good doctor was on the same page.

“I know it sounds crazy, but if Fane can fight the object of his pain then it may be enough to bring him closure, to heal a wound that just continues to fester.”

The sound of the door opening brought Jacque back to the present. She watched as a battered looking Fane walked in, shutting the door quietly behind him. He looked at her from across the room and his lips lifted in a small smile. Her heart flipped and her stomach tightened from something so small but so needed.

“Feeling better?” she asked hesitantly.

“I don’t know if better is the term I would use, but being able to release some of the pent up energy has brought me a sliver of peace.” His voice was slightly more emotional than the monotone he had exhibited as of late and that too gave her hope. Maybe he could just fight anyone and begin to heal; maybe it didn’t have to be Costin.

She felt the growl from across the room before she heard it. And when her eyes met Fane’s they werewolf blue.

“Why is his name in your thoughts, Jacquelyn?” Fane’s voice was now laced with a totally different kind of emotion. She hadn’t realized he was listening in. She would need to be careful to keep her mind separate from his when she was talking about his problems to others, but the small amount of joy she had experienced at seeing her mate’s smile had caused her to let her guard down.

“Fane,” she said as she stood slowly from the bed. She took cautious steps toward him and kept her eyes from meeting his own. “I was notthinking of him in a romantic way. You know better. You feel what I feel and see what I see. There is no room for doubt in our relationship.”

She continued forward until she was standing mere inches from him. Her hand reached up and, just as it would have made contact, she began to drop it.

“Don’t stop.”

Her hand froze in midair at his desperate plea.

She finally met his eyes and sucked in a sharp breath at the change she saw. They still glowed, but no longer with anger. Now it was something much more intimate. She felt his hands on her waist as he pulled her closer until her body was flush with his. He leaned his head to the side until her hand was cupping his cheek and he let out a shaky breath.

“I need you like I need my next breath. The way I want you is like a dying man in a desert wanting even the smallest drop of water,” he whispered and she felt his warm breath against her face.

“I have felt like you needed space from me, Fane.” Jacque tried not to sound upset or hurt, but when she saw his jaw clench, she knew she had not succeeded.

“That is my fault. I have been too proud to ask you and too arrogant to think that I could handle this alone. Even after we talked I still tried to keep it from you.”

Jacque reached up with both arms and wrapped them around his neck. Her fingers wove into his dark hair as she pulled his head down until their foreheads were touching.

“Are you ready to let me help? Are you ready to deal with your anger at Costin?” she asked gently.

He growled again. “Please don’t say his name, not right now. The only name I want coming from your lips is mine. For the rest of the night, it is just you and me.”

Jacque trembled under his possessive tone, and as his hands slipped under the hem of her shirt and moved tenderly up her back, all thoughts of anything but Fane fled.

“Jacquelyn,” his lips grazed her skin as he lowered his head to her neck and breathed deeply. A soft moan slipped through her lips and she heard him chuckle. It had been so long since she had heard that sound and her desire for him soared.

She pulled him towards their bed and as she laid back, she tugged on his hand until his body blanketed her.

“So all it takes is my laugh to get you in bed?” he smiled at her and nipped at her lips with his teeth.

“All it takes is you,” she told him with a sincerity that took Fane’s breath away. When she pulled his head down for his mouth to merge with hers, he gave no resistance.

Fane felt his mate’s relief at having him touch her. He felt her complete and total trust that he would show her only love and care with that touch. With every graze of his fingers, each touch of his lips, she seemed to glow brighter and brighter. He watched in awe as she gave herself to him absolutely without reservation and it humbled him.